Environmental Issues of Concern to Me

I have started to accumulate articles as pdf files that I think are worth sharing with other like-minded or interested people who visit the site. Just click on the link to start the download to Acrobat Reader or save to your computer to read at your leisure.

The two areas that I'm currently featuring are:

Global Concerns
which deals with topics such as climate change and:

Local Rape and Pillage
which deals with topics such as clearcutting old growth or motorized access to parks in British Columbia. I'll probably add more as the mood strikes me but that's what I've got for now.

A word of caution. Some of the articles are from the scientific press and can be a bit challenging to the lay person. I've included them because most of the material can be understood and the more we get used to reading at this level, the easier it gets. The bottom line is usually pretty straightforward so persevere and learn what some of the top minds in our scientific culture are thinking about and debating. It's certainly a lot more informative than the media hype that often is used to make the material more "accessible" to the general public. Frankly, I think that kind of reporting often just confuses the issues even more. And do let me know what you think of them.