Overnight to Hannegan Pass
Another trip I highly recommend for it's ease of access, physical beauty, great campsites, opportunities for exploring the ridges and summits in the Hannegan Peak area of the North Cascades park. It also provides the main access to Ruth and Icy Peaks as well as Copper Ridge.

This was my first solo backpacking trip and it was a perfect trip for that. The trails are well travelled, the views quite beautiful and extensive and easy access to water. The campsites are quite separated from each other so you really get a sense of being alone, even when other campers are there.

Nooksack Ridge This is the first view of the Nooksack Ridge heading up the trail into the Hannegan Peak-Copper Ridge area.

first view of Ruth Mt. This is the first view of Ruth Mt as you head up the trail into the pass.

at Hannegan Pass After a couple of hours, you get to the actual Hannegan Pass facing north. To the right and back SE is Ruth Mt, straight ahead is Copper Ridge and to the left is Hannegan Peak.

Entering the North Cascades park sign A little below the pass on the way to Copper Ridge is the sign telling you you're now entering North Cascades Park.

my campsite I was originally planning to camp at Silesia Camp on Copper Ridge but the sites were all full and the only available sites were at Boundary Camp so that's where I ended up. I was the first one down there and had my choice of spots and this is the one I chose, a little isolated from the rest and close to the creek.

Hannegan Peak sign After setting up camp, having a meal and hanging my gear on the bear pole, I packed up my fanny pack with some water, a jacket and my camera and headed back up into the pass to go up Hannegan peak and get some views.

the view NNW with Cheam Range By the time I made it up to the peak, the clouds started moving in just a bit but the views were still great! This is the view to the NNW and you can see the Cheam Ridge in the way background.

Copper Ridge This is the view NNE and looks down along Copper Ridge.

ESE_Pickett Range and Challenge glacier This is the view to the ESE and looks at the Pickett Range in the distance and the Challenge Glacier in the near foreground.

Pickett Range, Icy Peak and others The view to the SSE of the Pickett Range, Icy Peak and some others.

SSW-Baker and Nooksack Ridge SSW looking at Baker and Nooksack Ridge. I took a lot of photos of Shuksan and Nooksack ridge.

NNW Goat Mt etc NNW looking at Goat Mt in the foreground.

Me on Hannegan Peak Another couple joined me up top, took my picture and the gentleman and myself spent about 45 minutes with our maps figuring out all the views and peaks. I didn't get their picture. Darn!

Meadows on Hannegan and Ruth Mt. Looking back at Ruth Mt and the meadows on Hannegan. Beautiful colors in the heather.

Shuksan and Nooksack Towers Welcome to the American Alps. You can see why Shuksan and the Nooksack Towers have often been compared to the Alps.

Ruth, Shuksan and Nooksack Yet another view of Ruth, Shuksan and Nooksack.

The other SW ridge A parting shot of the other SW ridge and then back down the trail to camp for dinner and off to sleep. A full day to definitely be remembered and repeated another time, for sure.

I didn't take any more pictures on this trip. When I woke up, the clouds had moved in and the rain came in fits and starts and finally settled in so I cancelled my plans to explore Copper Ridge, broke camp, packed up my wet gear (making a note to get myself a syltarp for shelter from the rain for the next trip!) and headed back up to the pass and down to the car and back home.
A great trip!!

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