Overnight to Lake Ann
I highly recommend this trip for it's ease of access, physical beauty, great campsites, opportunities for exploring the ridges on the west side of the lake and the access to Mt. Shuksan's glaciers and summits on the east side of the lake.

This was a great trip and one that Brian had been trying to get to for a long time so when I mentioned that we were going and asked if he was interested in coming along, he and Suzanne dropped everything and joined us.

First view of Mt. Baker This is the first view of Mt. Baker as we head up the trail into the Lake Ann Basin.

Daryl unpacking our tent at our campsite Here's Daryl unpacking our tent

a look at Shuksan's peaks and the Curtis glacier Once we got camp set up, we headed out on the trail to the glacier. It's the climber's access route and a quick scramble takes you right on to the glacier, if you want to do that.

Suzanne on the Glacier I did and so did Suzanne. It was the first time she had ever been to a glacier so she was pretty excited. You can hike a little further up the mountain before it becomes a climbing route but this is where we called it quits.

glacier close-up Here's a close-up shot of the glacier

glacier blue ice! And here's a shot of the color of the glacial ice when the sun shines through a narrow spot. Pretty special color blue. Like nothing else I've ever seen.

Brian and Daryl from the Glacier Brian and Daryl on the rock above the glacier. They elected not to climb down to it.

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