Overnight to Lake Ann Continued

Shuksan at Sunset A shot of Shuksan at sunset from our camp as we prepared dinner.

Lake Ann at Sunrise from the North Ridge We decided that we were going to take off in the afternoon the next day and Daryl and I wanted to explore the west ridge. There is an unnamed "bump" that we were interested in trying to scramble up. We got up early and I took this shot of the lake from the northern ridge that you pass over when you come into the lake basin. We were camped at the Southern end of the lake, about 11:00 in the picture, to the left of the outlet.

Mt Baker from the West Ridge Another shot of Baker from the west ridge.

and arch we found on the west  Ridge We ran across this interesting cairn on the western ridge. It's amazing what you can do when you have a bit of leisure time, like these folks. We made it up most of the way up the bump and then bushwacked back through the heather meadows.

Lake Ann at Sunrise from the North Ridge This is a picture of Mt Shuksan from the west Ridge taken by Daryl on the way back from our scramble.

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