Here are some of my current favorite links:

Hiking, Climbing and Outdoor Activities is a great site to access all the other BC hiking and climbing club sites and trip schedules. As a member of the BCMC, I can't praise the efforts of these folks enough.
ClubTread is one of my favorite local hiking sites. JHamlin has created a masterpiece of a site based on the forum concept. Forums include ones for hiking BC in general, arranging trips with other hikers, gear talk, trip reports where hikers talk about the trail and post photos (a great resource to see what you might be getting into) and a whole bunch more. Lurk around a while and you'll be hooked. I'm Scrambler on that site.
Trail Peak is a great site, especially for the GPS enthusiast. Kurt has a great trail database and GPS coordinates can be downloaded for many of the routes. Especially helpful if you know GPS and want to go out in lousy weather.
BC Avalanche reports for all regions of Western British Columbia are found here. If you're going to go out and play in the back country snow, you owe it to yourself and the people who love you to stay on top of the information. This is the #1 start point. Don't leave home without it! Kept up-to-date by the Canadian Avalanche Association.
Train for hiking by visiting this great site, suggested by a hiking friend, ClaireBear.
Another great site from CLaireBear is this one about hiking and hypothermia. Good info, especially if you're doing winter backcountry travel of any kind.
Another new site has recently been developed for offtrail hiking in B.C.. It's a bulletin board similar to ClubTread but you have to be approved as a member to read and post. Register. If Alan likes you, you can play. Lots of CT friends are there, too.

Fiddle and Dance
Vancouver Country Dance is the site for the local Vancouver Contradance organisation. You can check out the dance schedule and find out about upcoming dance events in town and around the general area.
The abc homepage is THE place to learn about and get abc software for downloading. Chris Walshaw set up the site many years ago and it's still good now.

Science Sites
BC Cancer Agency is where I spend all my work days and is a great site to start your search for information about any kind of cancer. Patients without information are often victims of the system. Your first step in treatment and healing should be to educate yourself.
Rich's BC Cancer Research web page is my page at the cancer research center. If you haven't had enough of me on this site, you can get even more!
Prostate Cancer Cell Line Database is a site I developed in collaboration with, a professional website development. It is a comprehensive database for all currently known and to be developed human prostate cell lines. Researchers can browse or search the site for cell lines with specific properties, enter new relevant data about cell lines they are working with or have developed and download an excel file containing most of the information on the website in an abbreviated form. FYI, TallTech is owned and operated by the same JHamlin mentioned above for the ClubTread site. They are a pleasure to work with.

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